Sunday, February 11, 2024

Taking my moms advice.......


Once moved out from home and on my own, I always remembered what my mom told me regarding credit cards. She said it was always good to have one as a just in case emergency BUT put it in a zip lock bag, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. This way if you are tempted to use the card you have to wait for it to thaw out and by then you may feel what you really "needed" was not a need but a want. 

The bottom line to that way of thinking is sometimes you have to take time to think about what you're going to purchase. Recently I did not use the frozen credit card theory but I am glad I took time to think. I had an email notice come to me informing me that my RSGB membership was coming to an end. The renewal was 70 British pounds which converted to about 120.00 Canadian dollars. ( I was just adding an RSGB link and noticed the fee was not 73.00 pounds which is 124.00 Canadian...NOT) That seemed very steep for me considering the main reason for my membership is the read Radcom magazine. The bottom line for me was that it was way too pricey so I was considering another radio magazine. 

I was looking at CQ magazine as in the past I did have a subscription from them but even then (about 8 years ago) the subscription missed issues and other times issues were late. I decided to wait it out and let the RSGB membership expire and then think about the next move. Kinda like letting the credit card thaw on the counter before I jumped.

Well CQ magazine does not seem to be doing well and online chatter has not been glowing. I just recently checked and their website is no longer loading. There was a statement from CQ saying they have "temporarily " suspended the magazine. In my humble opinion that is never a good sign. I have also read recently of those who just purchased a 1 or more year subscription and so far have received nothing. As a sideline, I feel CQ magazine should refund those who just purchased a subscription but we shall see. 

Well, I am glad that I let the credit card thaw on the counter before I jumped and made a subscription purchase to CQ magazine. To be upfront I will not be taking my chances on this company until it can show stability for at least 2024 without issue. Until then I will have saved some money and I can throw the credit card back in the freezer.


John AE5X said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing...but then again, maybe not. CQ Magazine seems to have been circling the drain for years but never have they made a statement about the magazine being suspended. It reminds me of the final days of Ten-Tec saying that they're simply "re-locating", etc.

Here are a few lines posted two months ago from the ARRL:
"ARRL has heard from many members concerned about their print subscriptions to CQ magazine. CQ magazine is not an ARRL publication, however ARRL members enjoy the ability to pursue earning the CQ Worked All Zones (WAZ) and Worked All Prefixes (WPX) awards through Logbook of The World (LoTW).

CQ Editor Rich Moseson, W2VU, acknowledged the delays in delivering CQ magazine. He indicated that the November and December issues are delayed but plans are to get them out to the readership as soon as circumstances permit."

I'm glad I let my own subscription to CQ Magazine lapse - I'd be mighty PO'ed if I'd spent money on something that circumstances do not permit being made available to me.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Mike, my opinion is that the time of paper magazines is over. You can get a lot of free magazines online and spend you money for something else. Just my opinion... 73, Bas

VE9KK said...

Good morning John, yes I to remember Ten-Tec and now they are no more. I did read the ARRL release and that was at the time I was holding off and thinking about throwing some money at CQ magazine. I would had been upset if I did and the thing that gets me is they know things are not going well and that the magazine will be stopping but they still are taking money! At least the site is down now and that can't happen.

VE9KK said...

Good morning Bas, yes very true the paper edition is out by way of nice slick digital one. I like the digital magazines such as QST, you are able to click on links for further reading and so on. I do have my free reads on the internet but I also like the polished magazines such as as QST and their contest magazine. With ARRL membership now all their monthly magazines are included in the price. A very nice deal.
73 and have a good week.