Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Question for those who use Blogger.


Good afternoon fellow Bloggers, I have been having an issue for some time now and have just ignored it. The time has come to see if something is up at my end or if others using Blogger have this same issue. I have searched the internet and the Blogger site regarding the issue. There has been advice but nothing has worked.

The issue is I want to add a blog to my blog list and I attempt this as follows:
1. I visit the home page of the blog I want to follow and copy the URL. 

2. In my blog I go to (Blogger blog) and click on Layout. 

3. In the layout I have a gadget called "Blogs I follow" and I click on edit. 

4. This shows me all the blogs I follow and when I scroll to the end of the list I am given an option to "add a new item" 

5. I click on "add new item" paste the blog URL on the line called "blog URL" and click continue. 

In the past when I did this the name of the blog I want to follow would populate in the line above the blog URL and then ask me again if I wanted to save it. I clicked yes and it was done. For some time now I add the URL of the blog I want to follow and click save and the message I get is "Could not detect a feed" I do have the option to click ok but I am informed that I can still click "ok" but if I do the time and date will not be shown....whatever that is. So I click anyway the complete URL is shown but now the only option I have is to cancel it and I am not given the option to save it. Not sure why this is happening.


QRP - When you care to send the very least! said...

I think all that means is all your going to see in your list is the blog title that you supply. I have a few like that in my list. It just shows the name of the blog, but not when the latest entry was posted, or its title. If you go to my blog list, all you'll see on the bottom three is the blog title and a hyphen.

John AE5X said...

Mike, I get the same result when trying to add this blog. It's the blog - not you! Not all blogs broadcast the feed that Blogger is trying to detect. You can prove this to yourself by deleting a current blog in your list, then re-adding it.


VE9KK said...

Good morning Larry, you go me thinking and I did add the name of the blog and not just the URL. When I hit "SAVE" it gave me the option this time to confirm with "OK". It then informed me it was saved, this was the first time this has happened since the problems.
Thanks Larry,

VE9KK said...

Good morning John and very nice to hear from you, this issue has been going on for months now and not sure whats up. I did try what Larry mentioned in his comment. The blog ended up being saved when I added my own title. The odd thing is the new blog I just added does not show up on my blog list on the blog. The blog does show that it has been saved when I go to the blogs I follow gadget. I will wait for a day or two and allow things to refresh and see if it shows up.
Have a good week,